What we do

We believe that everybody deserves to see the world clearly

We are one of the leading NHS providers in community ophthalmology, enhanced clinical optometry care, ophthalmic referral support and technological enhancement in the sector. We work closely with primary care, acute trusts, patient groups and the NHS to develop and operate multiple services delivering safe eye care across the UK. Through working closely with all stakeholders involved in the sector, we can develop cutting edge pathways that are affordable, convenient and safe.

In 2011/12, ophthalmology accounted for the 8th highest level of NHS programme spend in England, with cataract surgery being the most common surgical procedure.

In the UK, the scale of partial sight loss and blindness is highlighted below:

  • 50% of sight loss is believed to be preventable (UK Vision Strategy)
  • 1 in 9 people over the age of 60 who live with sight loss in the UK (Fight for Sight)
  • Around 2 million people suffer with sight loss (vision below 6/12)
  • By 2050, it is estimated that 4 million people in the UK will suffer significant sight loss (RNIB)
  • £2bn is spent on eye care annually in England (DoH, 2012)
  • Sight loss and eye health costs the UK economy £8bn per year
  • Patients with sight loss have an increased risk of falls, depression, diabetes and stroke as well as suffering social isolation
  • Ophthalmology is the second highest referred specialism from GPs; 6.4 million out-patient consultations in 2010/11

Evolutio’s Integrated NHS e-Referral Referral Support Service provides an innovative and sustainable solution to managing patient pathways from referral to treatment across primary, community and secondary care.

Our values

Evolutio is built of a framework of striving to deliver the highest level of patient care, exceeding expectations and continuously evolving new ways to meet increasing demand for eye care.
Our vision to build the most sustainable, affordable, safe and trustworthy eye care provision for the benefit of our patients, our customers and the healthcare economy as a whole.


Through understanding requirements by seeing them from others perspective, we are able to recognise and understand our clients situation, feelings and motives. When we take the time to empathise with the requirements and insights of our customers, we can gain valuable information to piece into the strategy for bettering the business. Relationship-focused success expands capacity and potential, and empathy is a business skill that actually grows when practiced and shared.

Exceeding expectations

The first step in exceeding our patient and customer expectations is to know what it is that they expect. We understand that we can’t exceed your expectations if we don’t at first meet the basics of delivering on our promises, taking care of our patients and customer alike and remaining 100% reliable in our dealings. That is why we place such emphasis on getting to know our patients and customers through actual interactions such as, regualar feedback gathering exercises, hosted events and real-time conversations. We pride ourselves on delivery, by doing what we do better and quicker than our clients and patients could expect.


Driven by passion

Evolutio was established to drive up the standards of eye care received by the public through establishing new technologies and creating better relationships to enable care providers to spend less time on paperwork and more time with their patient.

When you’re passionate, you make those around you feel excited — and everyone wins.

This ambition to drive continuous improvement within the industry steadfastly remains and is the cornerstone in everything that we do.

Honesty and integrity

At the most basic level, all  relationships are built on trust. We understand that trust and integrity are inextricably connected. That organisations use the presence or absence of integrity to determine whether an extension of trust is warranted. Evolutio realise that our  relationships halt or progress based on this basic determination. When we act with integrity, it builds trusting relationships with employees, customers and patients. Our reputation rises as a result.


Through strategic agility we have the ability to seize significant opportunities such as entering a new market or capitalising on new technology. With true strategic agility we have the ability to reposition our value proposition in order to drive success in a changing and evolving healthcare environment.

Patient Services

The Evolutio Patient Services Team (PST) is instrumental in the provision of an exemplary experience for our patients whilst they are in our care. They are commonly the first point of contact for a patient being referred for an ophthalmology appointment.

Patients are frequently anxious when being referred and can find the process confusing, being uncertain as to why they are being referred and how serious their condition may be. It is paramount that patients feel re-assured when they speak with Patient Services, with a confident sense that we are operating with their best interest at the heart of everything we do.

The PST are knowledgeable and experienced in handling patients’ concerns and questions, and have overall responsibility for ensuring patients are effectively, securely, safely and efficiently referred on to the most appropriate care provider for their condition.

The PST’s core responsibilities are:

  • First point of contact for the patient, ensuring they are treated as individuals with courtesy and respect
  • Answering any questions patients may have relating to our service, or putting them in contact with the appropriate person
  • Discussing the patient’s choice of care provider and referring their care on to the correct service
  • Ensuring that patients have all the relevant details of their future care provider/appointment with a clear understanding of what happens next
  • Providing reassurance to nervous or unsure patients
  • Resolving concerns or complaints at first point of contact where possible

We're proud of our service

How likely are you to would recommend our service to a friend or family member?

Extremely Likely 79.66%
Likely 16.95%

How would you rate the service you received from the staff at Evolutio Patient Services?

Excellent 76.27%
Very Good 18.64%
Good 3.39%

How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the amount of time we spent with you addressing your needs?

Very Satisfied 84.75%

What is eCare?

eCare is the clinical division of Evolutio, providing NHS and self-funded eye care across the UK


If you’ve received a letter from us it will because we have received a referral from either your GP or optometrist requesting that you are referred to a specialist to further investigate your eye health.


Call 0203 7803196 to speak to one of our Patient Services Team to discuss your preferred provider and progress your referral. Lines are open Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 10:30; Midday to 14:30 and 16:00 to 17:30. 

Alternatively, you can register your choice here.


Depending on where you are based in the country and under which CCG you fall, if we don’t hear from you one of two things may happen. Your referral will either be sent to the nearest, most appropriate provider to your home address or it will be returned to your GP stating that we have not been contacted by you and the referral will not be progressed.

Our focus is you


All our policies are available upon request.



Quality of service and patient care is at the forefront of everything that we do, and we are proud of the service we provide. However, we recognise that sometimes things can go wrong. We are committed to dealing with any complaint made about our services equitably, comprehensively, and in a timely manner.



Evolutio is committed to in ensuring that privacy and dignity continues to be a key priority in the provision of care to all patients and service users.



Evolutio is committed to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults from abuse when they are engaged in services organised and provided by eCare.